Thursday, August 25, 2011


DEDIKASI INI DITUJUKAN mcm pngumuman kt B.G.WARD plak msti sbb dh trpngaruh ngun budaya SAMURA..hehehe....
dear blogger,
it's been a long while since the last time i crush on this blog...hurm..looks like the last time i update this blog was way too up to date...geez~~~untuk hari ni aq nk post psal classmate aq yg superb n best!!!  4 AZAMUMTAZ!!!
we're dudes n bro!!!! love the way u guys' atts n perks...hurm it would be very pathethic without u guys in the class....they all made my day very much include for those who is not in this pixca (MEraK,HaZiQ,rAzIn)..
in this pixca : me n my cute lil' daughter....:):):)
another two person that made my day...weiiiiyyyhhh...hahaha
liloe and hazi!!! perfect frenz match!!!
jangan salah anggap pulak pasal pics ni...ini adalah bukti keakraban kitorang sbgai classmate....
:):):):) credit to AMY!!!
BINTANG!!!!!! the one that glows!!! GRANNY!!!!..hehehe
SUHANA n AMALIYANA....dua2 ranker admath...jeles ngun dioang..tpi dioang memg best...
aMbOi!!! nenek ngun atok ke nieyh?!?!?! hehehehehee
hurm... i guess that's all for today...hope i can catcha up later...wish me luck in whatever consequences...for AZAMUMTAZ members, strive for the best and make the people around u proud!!!!


  1. like like like ~!!!
    WEIIIIYYYHHH~~ I LOVE 4 AZAMUMTAZ !!!! hehehehe ^O^V

  2. hurm....tpi ade gmbar dak2 ni xde laa....x best